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Sonora Radio Control Flying Club

The Sonora Radio Control Flying Club is all about flying Radio Controlled (R/C) models in California's Mother Lode!  We have a 550 foot paved runway, set-up benches and a covered deck for spectators. Come out and see us, and join in the fun. Don't know how to fly? No problem, we'll teach you.

Sonora, California started as a mining camp during California's Gold Rush days. When miners from the state of Sonora, Mexico stopped here in 1848, it became known as the "Sonoran Camp". Today, the city of Sonora is still going strong. It's a privilege to live in this beautiful, and historic area.

Our club has about 33 members from all over the Sonora, CA area.  All right-thinking members fly helicopters, but we let the others fly planes, and gliders as well.  (The webmaster may have a slight bias toward helicopters.  You'll see more planes at the field than anything else.) We are a very low-key club, with our focus being on flying, and having fun.  The skill levels of our members ranges all over, from beginners, to advanced.  No matter how much we learn, there is always room to learn more.

The club field is located in the back woods between Lake New Melones, and Lake Tullock.  The image in the banner above is the view across the runway from the flight line.  Due to the grassy slopes of the Sierra Nevada foothills, turbines are not allowed at our field.

You can find club members at the field just about every day of the week, weather permitting.  Weekends are usually the busiest.

The club is open to the public, and we love visitors.  Please come out and see us!


Next indoor flying:
Thursday, ??/?? 7:00PM
Tuolumne Memorial Hall

Next work day:
Someday, ??/?? 8:00AM
Peoria Flat Field

Next club meeting:
New date:
Saturday, March 21, 2015
Peoria Flat Field

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