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Peoria Flat R/C Field

You can get to the field from either Highway 108, or Highway 4.  From either highway, take O'Byrne's Ferry road.  If you are coming from high

From Highway 4, or Highway 108, take O'Byrnes Ferry Rd. to New Peoria Flat Rd.  New Peoria Flat Rd. is 1/4 mile from Highway 108, and 12.6 miles from Highway 4.

Follow New Peoria Flat Rd all the way to it's end, about 3.1 miles.  The road ends at the entrance to Baseline Camp.  Do not enter the camp.  When you see the signs for Baseline Camp, Old Melones Dam Rd. will be on your right. Take that right turn onto Old Melones Dam Rd.

You only have to go 390 feet down Old Melones Dam Rd.  On your left will be a gravel road, with a gate.  The club has posted a sign at the gate.  This will be the second left on Old Melones Dam Rd.  Beyond the gate you will find the parking area for the Peoria Flat Equestrian Trail Head.  Drive through the parking area, to the back.  Up on the hill, we have posted another sign.  Turn left, and follow the gravel road around a right turn, and field will be about 1000 feet down the road.   Continue to the field.  Parking will be on the right side of the runway.

Be sure to bring your current AMA card and $5 guest pilot fee if you are planning to fly.

The road is in line with the runway, so as a safety precaution, we have posted as sign asking visitors to sound their horns, and wait for a club member to give a signal that's it's OK to approach.  We do this to make sure no one is going to try to land on top of your car.

Latitude and Longitude: 37.929128,-120.52916


Here's a Google map. Don't use Google's directions, they'll have you driving through the middle of Baseline Camp.


Next indoor flying:
Thursday, ??/?? 7:00PM
Tuolumne Memorial Hall

Next work day:
Someday, ??/?? 8:00AM
Peoria Flat Field

Next club meeting:
New date:
Saturday, March 21, 2015
Peoria Flat Field

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