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Join the Sonora R/C Club

The club is open to the public, and is welcoming new members.

Why Join a Club?

There are many reasons.  Among the obvious are: that you have an opportunity to make new friends, your wife will be glad you have somewhere to go on the weekends, and there will be other people that "get" what you are talking about. The simplest reason, in my mind, is that you will become a better pilot. That's not a sales pitch.

True, we'd love to have you in the club. We do have an interest in getting you to join. Some of you out there have been flying on your own, perhaps in the backyard, or maybe at the local school.  As soon as you start flying around others that are flying, your skills will improve.

Maybe you are having trouble with landings, and you see someone totally nail a landing.  You can ask right there, "how did you do that?", and get an answer. Others will usually join in, as well.  Maybe you want to try an autorotation, or flying inverted, but are scared to try.  Your friends at the club will help you find the courage to do so.

You'll also get unsolicited feedback.  It's not uncommon, while flying, to hear a voice behind you say, "Hey, do you know that you always do such-and-such?".  You may have had no idea that you such-and-such.  Or, maybe you do, and you don't know how to stop doing it.  Just saying, "I know, I always do...", will get about five people to try to help.

Your flying can't help but improve.  You'll see others perform maneuvers that look so cool, and you'll want to do that, too.  It's human nature to be competitive.  You'll start to push yourself to be a better pilot, just because other pilots are there.

Flying in the backyard, out here in the country, is a real possibility.  It's also a great way to get in some additional practice on what you already know. Besides, it's a dream-come-true for many people. But, to learn new things, and really progress, there is just no substitute for being a member of a club.

Membership Fees

Adult members:
$150 for new members ($100 Field Assessment Fee, $50 annual membership) 
$50 Annual Membership Dues

Junior members:
<To Do: Junior member fees>

Make check payable to "Sonora R/C Flying Club"

Membership Forms

Downloadable .PDF Membership Form

Mailing Address (2015)

Mail dues, along with personal information (Name, address, email and copy of AMA card) to:
Sonora R/C Flying Club
19010 Huron Drive
Twain Harte, CA 95383


Next indoor flying:
Thursday, ??/?? 7:00PM
Tuolumne Memorial Hall

Next work day:
Someday, ??/?? 8:00AM
Peoria Flat Field

Next club meeting:
New date:
Saturday, March 21, 2015
Peoria Flat Field

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