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A year has gone by, and the site is largely the same.  I just paid my club dues, and am taking a moment to bring the site up to date with the information that was in the envelope along with this years club card.

Hello, my name is Dave Gangola, and I'll be your webmaster for today.  So far, this is not club sponsored, I'm providing this on my own.  It's 2014, and any club should have a web site.  This is something I can do for the club.  

My primary goal in creating this site is to help people from our area, who are interested in R/C, find the club.  Secondary to that, is to provide up to date information for club members.

The site is running the Joomla! content management system.  At this point, the site has an actual style to it, rather than just a "template" provided by the hosting service.  I've kept the look flat, which seems to be in vogue these days.  Overall, it's what I was hoping for.  I'll stick with this look for a while.

The weather module needs more work.  Right now, it's set on Copperopolis, CA.  I had modified it to get the precise location of the field, but it seems to be stuck at 50 degrees, and cloudy.  Anyway, I'll have to break down and actually debug that.  There's also a bug in the wind direction calculation. 

The drop-down menus don't work well on my iPad.  I'll have to do something different for mobile devices, or change the mechanism altogether.

I want to put some contact information on the site, so that people have a way to get in touch.  In the end, I'm really not comfortable putting people's phone numbers or even email addresses on public pages.  I think that I will go with a contact form, so that the public may send a message to club members, without that member's information being revealed.

That to-do list is still there after a year.

Please feel free to talk to me about the site.  I'd like to hear your suggestions for content, and links on the site.  I'd like the site to become something useful, that people view more than once per year.

 See you at the field,




Next indoor flying:
Thursday, ??/?? 7:00PM
Tuolumne Memorial Hall

Next work day:
Someday, ??/?? 8:00AM
Peoria Flat Field

Next club meeting:
New date:
Saturday, March 21, 2015
Peoria Flat Field

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